Pre Contract

In the realm of pre-contract cost management, our expertise encompasses a multifaceted approach. Our QUANTITY SURVEYING services ensure accurate measurement and assessment of project costs, while CONTRACTUAL ADVISORY services provide strategic guidance to mitigate risks and optimize contractual arrangements. BUDGET ADVICE & BENCHMARKING facilitate informed financial decisions, and DUE DILIGENCE AND FEASIBILITY ESTIMATING ensures a thorough understanding of project viability.

COST MODELING AND COST PLANNING involve intricate analyses to project and control costs effectively, and DESIGN COST CONTROL guarantees that financial considerations are seamlessly integrated into the design phase. LIFE CYCLE COSTING offers a holistic view of project costs over its entire lifespan, promoting informed decision-making. TENDER & CONTRACT DOCUMENTATION services ensure meticulous preparation for procurement processes, and PROCUREMENT STRATEGY & PLANNING optimize sourcing and acquisition processes.

One of our key strengths lies in VALUE ENGINEERING ADVISORY SERVICES, where our team collaboratively works with clients to identify opportunities for cost savings and performance improvements without compromising project quality. Additionally, CASH FLOW FORECASTING ensures financial predictability, allowing clients to plan and allocate resources effectively.