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With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a wealth of industry expertise, we specialize in delivering comprehensive post-contract services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

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Our seasoned professionals work diligently to ensure seamless project execution

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Halford goes beyond conventional post-contract cost management, aiming not just for success, but delivering exceptional value, efficiency, and sustainability. Our global footprint in the construction industry is fortified by a track record of success in cost efficiency and sustainability.

As a leading player in post-contract cost management services, we bring impartiality, fair-mindedness, and clear-cut documentation to every project. This commitment ensures smooth project progression, mitigating disputes and establishing Halford as an indispensable member of any construction team. Also, our commitment to fair and objective advice sets us apart. We manage procurement, administer contractual conditions, and safeguard client interests while effectively managing budgets. The team boasts extensive experience in traditional contracts such as FIDIC 87 and FIDIC 99 as well as bespoke contracts. Our cost managers prioritise cost control by leveraging their in-depth knowledge of current labour, material prices, construction methods, and contracts. This holistic approach ensures the optimal balance between cost and quality, delivering value for investment and minimising risks.

Halford’s controlled QA/QC procedures add value by ensuring high-quality services that align with clients’ operational and commercial priorities, optimising profitability. Prevention is a key philosophy, and our established contract management procedures provide early advice to execute contracts and avoid claims as well as handle any claims that do arise. Going beyond capital cost considerations, Halford focuses on life cycle costing, incorporating added value and sustainability. Our team provides various value and cost drivers to the design team, achieving an optimum design that stands the test of time.

Halford works in partnerships or is appointed by employers, contractors, sub-contractors, or funders, and we handle overall commercial elements or specific aspects of a project.

Our passion and proficiency drive us to consistently deliver exceptional results, making us a trusted partner to a diverse range of clients.


Halford’s post-contract cost management services navigate the intricate landscape of project execution, ensuring seamless operations, optimal financial control, and the successful realisation of client objectives. We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate projects to new heights of efficiency, transparency, and excellence.

  1.     Contract Administration

We take charge of detailed contract administration, ensuring the smooth implementation of projectsterms and conditions. Halford oversees all aspects of contract execution—from monitoring project progress to managing change orders and resolving disputes. By ensuring projects progress as expectedagreed, we minimise risks, maximise compliance, and safeguard client interests.

  1.     Cash-Flow Management

Halford excels in cash-flow management. We provide clients with insights and strategies to optimise financial resources, maintain liquidity, and ensure a steady flow of funds throughout the project life cycle. By forecasting cash flow, identifying funding needs, and implementing sound financial strategies, we help clients manage expenses, allocate resources effectively, and make informed financial decisions.

  1.     Cost Controlling and Cost Reporting:

Cost control is at the core of our expertise. Our dedicated team manages costs proactively, employing rigorous controls and reporting mechanisms to keep expenditures in check. Also, Oour detailed cost reports offer transparency into project finances, enabling strategic decision-making and ensuring projects remain within budget.

  1.     Payment Certification and Variation Assessment:

Halford takes charge of payment certification, ensuring payments align with project milestones and contractual obligations. Our rigorous variation assessments provide a clear understanding of changes to the scope of work, maintaining financial accuracy and transparency.

  1.     Value Engineering Exercise

Halford conducts value engineering exercises—theexercises. The team analyses project requirements, identifies opportunities for cost savings and performance improvements, and recommends innovative solutions that enhance project value without compromising on quality. By aligning with clients’ goals and budgets, we ensure projects achieve optimal outcomes and deliver maximum value.

  1.     Statement at Completion and Final Account Settlement

Upon project completion, Halford provides a comprehensive Statement at  Completion, detailing all aspects of the project, including costs, deliverables, and contractual obligations. This ensures financial matters are resolved accurately and efficiently, bringing closure with transparency and integrity.

  1.     Drafting Contractual Letters, Notices, and Claims

Complex contractual correspondence is simplified with Halford. Our team excels in drafting clear, concise, and legally sound contractual letters, notices, and claims. Whether notices of delay, claims for additional payment, or responding to contractual disputes, we ensure effective communication and dispute resolution, protecting client interests and preserving project integrity.

The post-contract cost management services at Halford are not merely transactional; they are transformative. We go beyond the conventional, leveraging our expertise to provide strategic insights, financial control, and operational excellence. Halford’s clients experience a smooth journey from project inception to successful completion.

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Gayal Kuruppu

Gayal Kuruppu

M.Sc. (CPM), B.Sc. QS (Hons), MRICS, MAIQS
Chief Executive Officer

Vivek Rukshan

Vivek Rukshan

B.Sc. QS (Hons), Grad Dip. Construction Industry
Managing Director