Nature of the Project

Residential Apartment (12 floors)

Scope of Work by HALFORD

Cost Plan Preparation, Post Contract Works

Project Status


Aqua Vita Maldives 2

Aqua Vita – Maldives

HALFORD is delighted to announce the successful completion of Aqua Vita, a residential marvel in the heart of Maldives, in collaboration with our valued client. This project, standing tall with 12 floors, exemplifies our commitment to crafting modern and elegant living spaces. HALFORD played a key role in Aqua Vita’s success, providing a range of services including comprehensive cost plan preparation and effective Post-Contract management. This comprehensive approach ensured the seamless execution of every aspect of this contemporary residential apartment complex. Aqua Vita is more than a residential complex; it is a statement of elegance and comfort. HALFORD’s expertise contributed significantly to the creation of a space where modern design meets unparalleled functionality. From the initial concept to the final touches, Aqua Vita marked a significant milestone, showcasing HALFORD’s proficiency in handling both pre-contract and post-contract phases with precision. HALFORD takes pride in its contribution to Aqua Vita, a residence that stands as a testament to modern living in the vibrant landscape of Maldives.