Nature of the Project

2 Storey

Scope of Work by HALFORD

Engineering Estimate and Post Contract Work

Project Status


2 Storey Villa Project UAE-featured

2 Storey Villa Project – UAE

HALFORD is thrilled to be actively engaged in the ongoing development of a prestigious Villa Project in the UAE, in collaboration with the esteemed client. This two-storey architectural marvel reflects our commitment to crafting exceptional residential spaces in one of the region’s most sought-after locations. HALFORD has successfully completed the critical phases of Engineering estimate and post contract works for the Villa Project. This comprehensive groundwork ensures a robust foundation for the construction of this multi-storey residence, underscoring our dedication to precision and quality. The Villa Project is not just a residence; it’s a testament to elevated living. With meticulous attention to design and functionality, HALFORD’s expertise plays a pivotal role in creating a sophisticated and comfortable haven that spans four stories. As the project progresses, HALFORD remains committed to maintaining the highest standards in construction. The Villa Project is poised to become a symbol of luxury and architectural finesse, reflecting our dedication to quality and innovation. HALFORD looks forward to continuing its role in shaping the success story of the Villa Project in the heart of the UAE.